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Traffic police to parade black cats at major crossings for curbing signal jumps

05, Mar 2016 By Beer & Biryani

New Delhi: In a move that could improve people’s adherence to traffic rules, the transport department has decided to deploy black cats at prominent signals in the city. Black cats, as you might have thought, are not high profile security personnel but domestic cats from the cat family.

Model cats waiting for the red signal to do their catwalk

This move comes after the city recorded highest signal jumps in a day recently, as majority of the law breaking commuters were found to be in a hurry to watch Smriti Irani’s speech followed by T20 cricket match and Newshour Debate.

Our reporter spoke to Mr. Jassi, the traffic commissioner behind the cat parading idea, to check how it’s going to stop signal jumping.

He said, “People react in a wide variety of ways after seeing a black cat crossing their way. Some take a U-turn back home, sit there for a while and start back to take an alternate route, while some postpone their task to the next day. However, they wouldn’t do all of this if the cat took a U-turn while crossing the path.”

“By deploying parading cats at traffic signals, we can consider the signal jumping problem ‘solved’. As soon as the red light is signalled, the cat should be made to walk across the road. Just before green is signalled back, the cat should walk back to where it started so that the inauspicious effect is nullified, thereby, relieving the driving commuters,” said Mr. Jassi as he drove his bullet to a nearby pet market to buy a few cats.

We came across a group of IPL fans who said, “Putting up cheer leaders at traffic signals would be a proper solution for all sorts of traffic problems. Catching the drunk would become easier as they’d still be in a dance bar mood hesitant about running away.”

Intellectuals from across the country have opposed this move and instead, suggested putting up LED TVs that would play news only when red signal flashes. According to them, it will bring down the challan numbers drastically as commuters would become intellectuals by watching news channels and increasing their TRPs.

However, keeping in mind the impact abshakun can have on commuters who jump signals, the black cat parade has been finalized for implementation starting next month.