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Traffic policeman taking traffic offender from one ATM to another in search of cash to collect his bribe

18, Nov 2016 By dasu

Bengaluru: The lack of cash flow after the demonetization by the center government has disrupted normal business at many places, one of them being the traffic signals. With people having no or little cash in their pockets, traffic policemen are struggling to get their ‘payments’ after stopping traffic offenders.

Traffic police
Pay fine, only in 100 rupee notes

We came across a case in the silicon valley of India where a traffic policeman was taking a traffic offender from one ATM to another on his bike in search of an elusive working ATM so that he can get his 100 Rs. This happened after the traffic offender, 26 yrs old techie, Shailesh C, did not have any cash to pay fine for the traffic offense he committed.

While sharing his experience, Shailesh said, “I was coming back from office last night when traffic inspector posted on Indiranagar 100 feet road stopped me because my headlight was not on. He charged me for dangerous driving. It was my mistake; I was totally focused on looking for banks and ATMs with short queues and forgot to switch on the headlight of my bike.”

“After a bit of negotiation, he settled for a payment of 200 Rs for my offense. However, I did not have any cash after the recent demonetization and he couldn’t accept payment through card or paytm. As all nearby ATMs were shut with “no cash” boards hanging outside, I proposed, if he could accept the sodexo meal vouchers for a change. He declined and told me that he also needs cash badly and offered to take me to all the nearby ATMs to find a working one”, added Shailesh.

He further went on to say, “He asked me to sit on the back seat of his bike. After half an hour of struggle, we were lucky to spot an ATM with a relatively short queue. At the ATM queue, people allowed me to go ahead as I was with a traffic inspector; I made a withdrawal of 2000 Rs and paid him 200 Rs.”

When we asked Shailesh whether he will remember to switch on his headlight in future, he said ,”Are you kidding? Now I will purposefully break traffic rules. Thanks to that, I have 1800 Rs cash in my pocket right now.”