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Traveler ousted from travel group, condemned after he brought a suitcase along instead of a backpack

28, May 2016 By Gatha

Location undisclosed: A traveler on a journey to an undisclosed, exotic location was excommunicated from his travelling group after one of the fellow travelers, found out the former was carrying a suitcase and not a backpack, as per the tradition. The accused traveler’s room-mate was let off with a warning, charged with suppression of information.

The real backpacker
The real backpacker

The startling revelation, has left travelers and explorers around the world in a state of shock and disgust. ‘Everyone knows one can’t ‘feel’ the place while carrying a suitcase’, ‘A suitcase is a sign of an exploration-hating soul’, ‘A traveler feels, a tourist just sees’, were some of the tweets that followed after the expose.

‘The Manual’ , a worldwide federation that governs the rules for travelers around the world clearly states that ‘a traveler, carrying anything other than a backpack, is liable to being removed from the travelling group’. The reason stated is ‘carrying any other from of baggage than the one prescribed, only and only means that the person is not a traveler, but a mere someone or worse, a tourist who happens to visit the place’.

The fellow traveler who discovered the scandal says, on the conditions of anonymity, ” I needed some hand-wash. I had ran out of it. I went asking for it to his (the accused) room, because he looked as if he was a free spirited soul like me, taking in great experiences from the journey. I thought it would be nice to borrow something from someone of my type, but I suddenly saw a big suitcase glaring at me. The suitcase was concealed under the bed, according to the source.

“He was a clever fellow,” continued the trauma stricken chap, “He was a tourist.”

“It is unbelievable. Clearly, to feel the vibe of the place, one must have a backpack. I had started doubting him ever since he pronounced the name of the place correctly,” says another group member.

It was later found out that the accused didn’t even put up anything on Instagram nor a single Snapstory was shot. Although,  a personal diary was found among his belongings.