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After trying hard for a full day man finds the product with 50% off in up to 50% sale

27, Jan 2018 By dasu

Bengaluru: Prakash B surprised the staff of a store by finding something which has 50% off tag on it.

Prakash, an engineering student spent an entire day searching for one product with 50% off as he wanted to know whether the stores actually sell any product with 50% off when they put this kind of sale advertisements. He was glad to note stores are honest.

More than Prakash, Store manager, Srikanth was happy someone found the ‘missing piece’ he was looking for last so many days.

While talking to us Srikanth said, “We started this year sale around Christmas time and ending it this Sunday coinciding with the long Republic holiday weekend. This year the target I got from my management is to have 5 PPM (parts per million). For a million products inside store, 5 pieces need to have 50% off. Other four pieces were sold on day 1 of the sale in first one hour. This one was missing. I thought someone has stolen it. If that would have been the case, after the sale is over, during inventory check if they would have found it, I would have lost my job.”

Prakash’s prized possession was a ladies bathrobe which he found below a pile of dress materials inside changing room. On our query how it would be useful for him? He said, “Yes, for now this will not be useful. I am a mechanical student with no girlfriend. Cannot gift to anyone. Ghar mein bhi nahin bol sakta, pitai hoga agar unko pata chala aisse phaltu cheez mein paisa uda raha hoon. In third year, I will get single room with attached bathroom. Khud use karoonga jis din nahane ko mann kiya. Abhi agle do saal isko hostel cup board mein chupa ke rakhoonga”.

At least Prakash found something useful, there are many engineering students who are buying useless stuffs like study books, pen, notepads in the ongoing sale season.