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Close friends break up after huge difference in their CAT percentiles

14, Jan 2014 By idiot420

Bangalore. After CAT 2013 results were announced, report of the first casualty is coming from the city. Ramesh and Suresh, two friends from school days who are currently colleagues at an IT firm, broke up due to huge differences in their CAT scores.

Ramesh, who as per his Twitter bio is a self proclaimed ‘Quant’ addict, scored 99.58 percentile in CAT, while his not so ‘Quant’ fanatic friend Suresh scored just 58.99 percentile.

A picture of Suresh thinking about hi future. Ramesh is not visible because he is on cloud number nine and out of frame.

The gap between percentiles, which apparently will create an unbridgeable gap between their lifestyles and careers, has already resulted into a gap that is showing in their behaviors.

“A person with 58.99 percentile can’t be friend with a person with 99.58 percentile. It’s better to accept the bitter truth and move on in life,” said a visibly upset Suresh.

“He will be joining some IIM, while I will be joining some Dukaandari Institute of Management. By end of the course, he will land with a job profile which 99.58% of Indian population will even fail to understand, such a feat. But I will be nowhere,” rued a teary eyed Suresh.

“Handsome dowry, good looking girl to marry, and many other social perks which he will be getting is going to double fold his actual CTC package after finishing the college,” the low percentile getter continued.

People close to Ramesh-Suresh say that the relationship soured within a few hours of the results being declared.

“While Ramesh’s Facebook update declaring his result fetched hundreds of likes, Suresh’s update got just 3 likes. I guess that’s when the difference in their social status started pinching them,” disclosed a common friend of Ramesh and Suresh.

“They used to share the same room. Earlier today, Ramesh side of the room was so jubilant and Suresh side was so gloomy,” the common friend, Naarad Sinha, further insisted.

A phone call from Ramesh’s father proved to be the final nail in the coffin. Ramesh’s father called on Suresh’s mobile as Ramesh was busy accepting congratulatory phone calls and giving speeches. Suresh mobile was obviously not busy as the only call that he got since morning was a 2 minute cold call from his father.

Sources (Naarad Sinha) tell Faking News that Ramesh’s father consoled Suresh by saying, “Don’t worry beta, everyone has his own capacity.”

Soon after finishing the call, Suresh asked Ramesh for a moment and said, “I think we need to talk, it’s not working out.”