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Unable to get an accommodation in Mumbai, man tries to commit crimes to get into Arthur Road jail

27, Feb 2014 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. A 24-year-old educated man yesterday created huge commotion when he was let off after being caught picking pocket outside Mumbai Police commissioner’s residence in Bandra.

Visibly happy on being caught, he later lost his cool and created ruckus when the policeman, and the man whose pocket he picked, decided to let him off with just a warning.

Beghar Arora, originally from Rohtak, came to Mumbai a year back in search of a job in the city, but soon found himself busy searching for a home. Almost every accommodation that he was shown by property agents turned out to be beyond his budget. Even the relative with whom he was temporarily put up, gave him notice to vacate the drying area next to kitchen that he was occupying.

Luxurious jail
Beghar’s imagination of life inside Arthur Road Jail.

Frustrated with the failure to find a place even after 12 months in the city, Beghar decided to commit crimes that would help him get a suite in the Arthur road jail, which he felt was the best possible NPG (non-paying guest) accommodation a man could get in the city.

The police authorities confirm that Beghar had tried to give himself in on several occasions earlier, but failed. First he claimed responsibilities for all the bomb blasts that have happened in India since independence, but was thrown out on Home Minsiter Sushil Kumar Shinde’s command. Shinde also called him yeda.

“Once he even came up dressed as Dawood Ibrahim to our police station, but was later caught and thrown out again when he started over-acting like Sonu Sood of Shootout at Wadala,” confirmed sub-inspector of Antop-hill police station.

He then realized that petty criminals in India are often considered more dangerous and treated more savagely than hardened criminals, and accordingly changed his modus operandi and decided to pick pockets right outside commissioner’s home to get noticed and caught easily.

“I have heard a lot about how people like Abu Salem lead luxurious life in the jail. I am pretty sure he became a criminal only to survive in Mumbai and lead a respectable life of a convict inside a jail rather than struggle outside,” Beghar told Faking News while planning his next crime.

“And one can always spend his night at a jail and take parole in the morning to go out for work,” Beghar further revealed the plan he had in mind.

Meanwhile Mumbai Police has requested media not to show stories of hospitality that some high profile criminals get in the jails which can lead to increase in such cases.