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Unable to interpret expressions in a girl group selfie, student decides to concentrate on studies

03, Jun 2015 By Beer & Biryani

Bangalore. A 19-year old engineering student from the city’s Langford Town area has reportedly decided to concentrate on his studies after suffering from mental stress caused by his inability to interpret girls’ expressions in a girl group selfie.

Rahul Kakkar is a typical student who loves to while away time at college and even after coming home from college. Like every other social media buff, he is active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and remains logged in forever.

“Expressions that don’t have a definition or a socially accepted interpretation as yet.”

Everything was going well for Rahul on the online platform until he saw a “group selfie” of girls belonging to his college’s Computer Science branch creating unnecessary sensation in his Facebook news-feed. The expression on their faces was something he hadn’t seen before causing Rahul to move into a mode of deep thinking, looking for answers and interpretations.

Being a CAT aspirant, he had some experience solving data interpretation problems but not construing expressions with curled lips and raised brows.

Faking News reporters took notice of Rahul’s mental stress and decided to speak to him on behalf of plenty who suffered like him everyday. Here’s what he said to us.

“Girl group selfies must be considered among history’s mysteries, given the unfathomable expressions found in them. I have been involved in deep thinking on this topic and still do not understand how every girl picks up the same lip coiling, brow raising expression! Do all women possess genes that have a common response to stimulus like exposure to a camera? Something that needs research. I better get back to my studies where careful observation & concentration can fetch me good marks at the least,” said a determined Rahul who didn’t want to waste much time as semester exams were fast approaching.

Our psychology experts partly believe in Rahul’s interpretation just that it is going to remain a proof-less axiom for now.