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Unable to throw a Bachelor party for a close friend, college pals take bar-dancers directly to his wedding ceremony

06, Feb 2016 By Bholu Gaain

We’ve all been there: Here is a story of a group of best friends who got entangled into their professional life so much so that they couldn’t even throw a bachelor’s party for one among them who was about to be married.

When wedding turns into a bachelors party
When wedding turns into a bachelors party

A party of a lifetime wherein a bunch of dudes get together, the language gets salty and the insults get creative. Manhood will be challenged, physiques will be ridiculed in a manner that is degrading, non-long-term sexual conquests will be discussed and not to mention the wild dance moves with strippers.

But almighty had had a different account to narrate for this gang as they tried their level best to compensate for the groom’s temptation.

Yesterday, Samalkha (a small village near Panipat,Haryana), was to witness a very high profile wedding of an investment-banker not just because it involved its most successful resident but also because it was the first love marriage in Khap dominated part of the state.

Unfortunately, it turned out to be a high voltage drama when some of the groom’s misguided friends (not those ‘misguided’) stormed into the wedding ceremony with 4 bar dancers. “Within seconds, complete mayhem broke out in the party. The groom, Ambrish Mittal (25) along with all guests of the night was left dumbstruck to see girls dancing seductively on high volume Punjabi hit ‘DJ waale Babu mera gaana chala do’ at the rear seats of the open Jeep”, narrated Nuhani, the event manager of the wedding night.

“Someone whispered that they are the ones the groom was waiting for, his classmates… what an incredible reunion it would be after so many years!” he added.

“The over excited Ambrish jumped off from his Dulha-Gaddi (groom’s chair) and rushed in towards them, but to everyone’s surprise he started shaking himself with the dancers without even greeting his buddies. The Khap guests took this as a big embarrassment instantly directed their goons to thrash groom’s friends and torch their Jeep. The environment got filled up with punches and kicks and a thick dirt cloud engulfed the entire Pandaal area. Shortly, someone called the local police which quickly reached the spot and took control of the situation. It took the groom’s friends along with those girls for a preventive custody,”  he said.

Listening to all this, we sent our reporting team to Samalkha police station for knowing the other side of the story too. SHO Hemant Malik told our reporter that those guys had been booked under Section 355 of IPC, for bringing dance girls to the holy land of Haryana. He also allowed us to talk to Ambrish’s friends in the lockup. Here are the excerpts:

Reporter: What incidents led you to do this in a rustic place like Panipat? Aren’t you scared of the wrath that you’d face now?

Akhil: We just saw first few episodes of Fear-Factor and couldn’t laugh our ass off. What the heck, chicks get shit scared on a visual of lizard and there they are handling snakes, which are obviously poison-less. Then we decided to do something mad.

Bhavesh: Noh No, that is not correct, there were 4 people involved in the whole event and we took a very nuanced approach in planning and executing this thing. The fact is that we missed our friends engagement party and we never showed any enthusiasm towards his wedding either, as you know at this time of the year, you are actually putting in some effort in your job and you don’t want to be reminded in your appraisal interview that you took holidays in Feb.

Reporter: But, what did actually happen at the wedding and why did you tried to bring those gorgeous bar dancers, didn’t you have something good to do than taking them to some village wedding ceremony?

Alok (He looked more calm and his eyes were conveying there was some sense of purpose in their actions): Actually we were trying to surprise him as we didn’t show up for his engagement and also he was not expecting us at his wedding. My analysis tells that since there were no sweets, dry fruits attached to the wedding card this time, which he sent along two years back while inviting us for his sister’s wedding. That being said, we actually crashed the wedding-entry gate with our Thar (Mahindra Jeep), with 4 girls in the backside, cheering and enjoying the thick Haryanvi music when we reached close to the location. Perhaps this did not go down well there. The bride and Groom were sitting on a stage, giving fake smiles to people who they were seeing for the first time in their life. Our friend eyes conveyed his gloominess, don’t know if this was the result of him losing his bachelor-hood or that his best friends didn’t show up again. Suddenly there was spark when he saw us (as we like to believe), you know when you come with chicks people respect you more, that is called law of addition and that is truly value addition. His eyes widened to such a limit that we got scared but then he said his usually merry cheer- Uuu…Machaaaa di bhai!

Kapil (interrupting): Taaus (as elderlies are called there) were getting restless, for the moment they enjoyed some Dhamaal and got excited, they even surrounded us to observe the newest creatures they laid their eyes on. But then our friend came to our rescue (we thought), but suddenly he started dancing with the girls. I must say these girls were highly professional for they were literally defining the song “Hath ja tau pache ne…..” And then the Fourth battle of Panipat happened.