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Unaware of where he is going, boy climbs Mt. Everest in search of free wifi

24, Oct 2015 By redspade

Kolkata: The nation went completely awestruck when the news of Joy Sarkar, a 18 years old resident of north Kolkata climbing the Mt. Everest reached them.

How far will you go for free WiFi
How far will you go for free WiFi?

Reportedly, Joy climbed the height even without knowing where he was headed, just in his three-quarters and T-shirt without using any equipment.

Later an inside source revealed that Joy was actually tailing the signal of a free wifi. Only after reaching the peak, when the signal was suddenly interrupted, he realized that he had come a long distance from home.

Investigations made by a very unreliable source had informed us that the free signal of wifi was originating from the cell-phone of James Morgan, member of a British mountaineering group also climbing Mt. Everest.

Evidently, Joy had first caught the signal in a small town of Andhra Pradesh, from where the British group had started their journey and Joy and his friends were picnicking there.

“We first spotted the black kid, in our base camp strolling around our tents, eyes fixed to something on his palm. We took him as some usual poor Indian guy in search of food but when we threw him some food, he didn’t even notice it,” mumbled a perplexed James Morgan.

“Next day when we started climbing and the kid was still in our tail, we thought that he was stalking the women of our group like all other Indians. But our this suspicion also didn’t work out as we soon realized that that we were a all-men group, there was no women in our group. After that we just gave up thinking about him and assumed he must be some another weird Indian in some spiritual journey,” said a highly frustrated James.

When we first contacted Joy he refused to talk to us as he was busy watching the films he had downloaded through torrent. But later the night when due to a long stretched power cut, his laptop and mobile were running out of charge; he agreed to talk to us.

“I was just strolling around in search of any available free wifi, when I first get the signal of a hot-spot named ‘East India Company’, I didn’t waste a single second from starting downloading from torrent. The speed was good, so I followed it blindly. First I downloaded ‘Interstellar’ followed by ‘Night at the museum 3’, ‘Angels and Demons’, ‘Gone Girl’ and few other that I can’t name here,” said Joy indifferently, sitting on a sofa of their dark dining room.

Unluckily, the power came back at that precise moment and we had to finish the interview as Joy again became busy watching ‘Interstellar’ for the third time.

We had also contacted friends of Joy, but they refused to comment. Evidently they are angry with Joy for not sharing the information of free wifi.

Meanwhile, Mamta Banarjee, the chef minister of Bengal have announce a whooping some of two lakhs to Joy as an honorary award.

Sources have also claimed that BBC is thinking about making a report on this incident under the title ‘The Weird Sons of India’.