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Unmarried man attends "Kiss of Love" event hoping to get kissed

12, Nov 2014 By johnrj

New Delhi. After hearing about a series of events started as an action against moral policing, Raghav Singh, a bachelor working as a soap salesman, has planned to attend the event to get kissed for the first time in his life.

“I am glad that such an event has come so now I can finally give my first kiss to a girl,” said Raghu, “I am supportive of this event and I want the whole world to also finally see that I kissed someone.”

How Raghu views
How Raghu views “Kiss of Love” events?

Raghu who was from a middle class background has never got a chance to go out with a girl due to his priority to do well in life.

“It’s very difficult for me to find a girl due to my work. I have to work 6 days a week almost 16 hours per day toling through the heat to sell soap. I hardly get money to pass through the month,” said Raghu, “But that doesn’t matter now since I can finally kiss someone. I can take one week leave also for this event. What’s more priority food or kiss?”

Raghu was confident that he will find someone to kiss until he was shocked to see the amount of people not kissing in the event. Soon he realized that almost all of them have come to only watch the kissing being done.

“I am surprised that there is no kissing involved anywhere,” said a visibly disappointed Raghu, “If I wanted to watch only kissing I would have gone for any Emraan Hashmi or Kamal Haasan movie itself.”

Due to desperation, Raghu ended up giving a flying kiss to a random girl nearby, got beaten up and was promptly thrown out of the event.

“Public display of affection? I am not getting fundamental affection at all. I am never going to get kissed ever,” said a visibly hurt Raghu who swore he won’t attend such events again.

However, Raghu has planned to start “Kiss for soap” campaign to give free soaps to people who kiss him. He hopes that at least then he will get a kiss from some girl soon.