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Urge for eating Maggi increases among cigarette smoking youth after it is found unhealthy

03, Jun 2015 By indianpsycho

Gurgaon. After reading reports of how harmful eating Maggi could be to one’s health, many cigarette smokers have expressed  a sudden desire to consume the product.

“Ever since various test reports have proved that Maggi is quite unsafe and unhealthy for consumption, I have not been getting same kick from smoking cigarettes as I used to get earlier,” revealed a 26 year old media professional.

“The urge to consume Maggi on and off throughout the day has increased manifold. My hands start shivering if I don’t finish a pack every hour,” she added.

Having a group Maggi eating session
Having a group Maggi eating session

Not only this, many smokers have now decided to kick the butt altogether during their smoking breaks.

“From tomorrow onwards, me and my smoker gang of colleagues is planning to switch over to Maggi eating. Its also very addictive as I have heard from my Engineering friends,” confirmed another sales professional working in DLF Cyber City, “In fact we have urged our office authorities to change name of Smoking Zone to Maggi Zone.”

Following this change in behaviour Faking News could spot many Maggi Tapris opening up outside offices, colleges, malls  etc and all those place frequented by youth.

Ek chhota maggi dena, mouth freshener ke saath,” our reporter overheard a B Com student, while talking to one such Tapri owner.

We further saw many young guys trying to flaunt by eating up Maggi as soon as some good looking girl passed by them.

Experts are attributing the sudden change in preferences of smokers to the ‘dangerousness’ attached to eating Maggi now.

“What we could witness soon is an exponential rise in the Maggi eating population so much so that many people could confess to be chain-maggi eaters,” an expert told Faking News.

“Tomorrow if they label even lauki as something unhealthy and dangerous, smokers and youth would start eating that too without complaining,” he added.