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Vegan man suffers stomach pain after he goes an hour without telling anyone that he is vegan

12, Sep 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: In a strange incident, a Delhi based vegan experienced severe stomach pain after he didn’t tell anyone for an hour that he is vegan. Amit Kumar, who turned a vegan 6 months back, has been talking about being a vegan to everyone within an earshot since then.

Are you really vegan if you don’t tell people about it?

Earlier today, he was came to AIIMS with severe stomach pain and was immediately rushed to the emergency ward. Doctors initially suspected that it is a case of appendicitis but were surprised to see that his appendix is already removed. After this, several tests were conducted on Amit but all the results were negative.

Just when doctors were about to give up all hope, a nurse asked Amit if he wants some milk. Amit told her that he can’t consume any dairy product as he is a pure vegan. After this, Amit started talking about his life as a vegan and as he keep speaking, the pain in his stomach kept reducing.

Within 10 minutes, Amit felt totally healthy and wanted to get discharged. However, the team of doctors had decided to keep him under observation for a couple of days to study this unique disease.

“We always thought vegans just like to irritate people by telling them about their eating habits but apparently they need to do it to stay healthy. We would like to appeal to everyone to stop running away when vegans talk about their eating habits, and listen to them with compassion”, a doctor at AIIMS said.

“We will keep him under observation for 2 days and conduct some experiments on him. By the end of it, we will give the exact time for which a vegan’s body can last without bringing up veganism”, the doctor added.

We approached Amit for his reaction but all he said was, you know, I am a vegan.