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Virar passengers demand a Assam NRC like list to prevent Borivali passengers entering a Virar train

01, Aug 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

New Delhi: As speculated, more than four million people have been left out of the complete draft National Register of Citizens (NRC) published on Monday.The NRC authority has not revealed the reason for rejection, citing protection of the individual’s privacy. It just mentioned two categories of people who could not make it to the complete draft as ‘on hold’ and ‘rejected’. The jury is out on whether the NRC list will help out the state in weeding out illegal migrants but the list has been taken as an example to follow by a completely nonrelated entity. Virar passengers have demanded a NRC like-list to make sure that people from Virar and far off places are the ones using the Virar train and not the ‘intruders from Borivali’ as they are known in the Virar circle.SilverSillyDeviltasmanian-poster

Though the demand seems a bit unconventional, it makes sense when trains to Virar are less frequent and more crowded. Virar-Borivali fight sometimes is more intense than the Indo-Pak fight. The abuses people hurl at each other in trains can easily be converted into an Anurag Kashyap script.

The western railway authority has called a meeting to discuss as to what criteria should be taken into account while preparing such list. For example, if a Virar traveler wants to get down at Borivali for some personal work, should he be or not allowed to get down. And how should the monitoring take place? Radio tags are a possibility which has been discussed. Radio collars will be provided to Virar passengers and equipment at the door of the local will detect if a right passenger is entering or not.

All we can hope for is a quick solution to the Virar-Borivali problem.