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Vomiting proves to be the first thing done by cool guy in 2013

01, Jan 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

Chandigarh. Ravinder Sharma, a totally cool, hip, and “yo” guy who calls himself “Rave”, welcomed 2013 by puking liquor and snacks that he was having during the New Year party organized by his friends.

“Hahaha… that was too funny man,” recalled Ravinder’s best friend Satish, “As soon as the clock stuck 12 in the midnight, he threw up! What a way to say Happy New Year! Hahahaha…”

Ravinder is currently hospitalized in a local nursing home suffering extreme dehydration.

Daru Party
Tools to welcome the new year remain the same every year, experts claim.

Satish and other friends confirm that they had been drinking, partying, listening to Yo Yo Honey Singh’s songs, and shouting chatting since 6 PM yesterday to welcome the new year.

“Rave even started speaking in English by 9 PM,” Satish claimed, “He started debating India-Pakistan cricket matches, and man, he spoke better English than Rameez Raja.”

Satish reiterated that the party was going great and it climaxed when Ravinder threw up.

“We were five friends apart from Rave and all of us encircled him when he started puking,” Satish recounted the events from last night, “Each time he yelled ‘oye’ and threw up chunks of Tandoori Chiken soaked in Old Monk, we did high-fives.”

“There were chips drenched in cold drinks too,” Manish, another friend of Ravinder who was present in the party, recalled the vivid details of how the group of young men started their new year.

The puking by Ravinder and shouting by his friends went on for fifteen minutes, after which “Rave” lay almost unconscious.

“We don’t recall much of the details after that,” Manish told Faking News, “I think we finished whatever snacks and drinks we had and then dropped Rave to his home around 2 AM. Rave’s dad asked what happened but we told him to chill.”

Ravinder was later taken to a doctor and has to be hospitalized. Sources say that his condition is now stable.

“He is out of danger and inside 2013,” the local doctor informed.

Ravinder’s friends are planning to organize another daaru party for Lohri within a couple of weeks.