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Walking alone at night, woman feels safe as she spots an Alien

18, Dec 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Having missed the last Metro and afraid to take another medium of public transport, a woman summoned up some courage to walk back home as she spotted an extra-terrestrial creature walking on the road.

“I was very afraid and didn’t want to go out of the metro station as some men, who had passed lewd remarks at me when I entered the station, were still loitering outside,” Lajpat Nagar resident Neha recounted her experience from last night when she was stranded near Moolchand flyover.

“Suddenly I heard loud screams of people shouting outside the station,” the 21-year-old girl recalled, “I looked outside and people were running away. I looked closely, and there appeared a strange creature walking on the road. Looked totally like an alien that they show in the Hollywood movies.”

Delhi police released this sketch, where the alien is supposed to be gesturing after Neha reached her home safely.

With the men gone from the road, Neha felt relieved and secure, and she finally came out of the Metro station premises.

She noticed that the alien was walking towards Lajpat Nagar, and hence she quickly started walking behind him/her/it.

“I felt so safe,” she told Faking News, “I mean, what could the alien have done? Might have kidnapped me? Maybe killed me? Whatever, but at least he wouldn’t have raped me!”

The alien, who/which was unidentified and is reported to have left Delhi after failing to find anything interesting, didn’t harm Neha, and she could walk safely to her home where her worried family members were waiting for her.

“The alien did look back at me a couple of times. Honestly, I was a bit scared, but those eyes, burning red and blinking, were far more reassuring that the look in the eyes of those men whom I had encountered earlier,” Neha said.

“I hope he comes back to Earth,” she added.

The incident has sent relief-waves to millions of women residing in the National Capital Region, who now hope that such aliens are spotted often on Delhi roads during the night to make them feel secure.

However, the Government of India has ordered an inquiry into the whole incident as spotting of aliens is usually a cause of concern for the USA.

According to our sources, authorities have started the inquiry and the first thing they want to know if why was Neha traveling alone in the night, whether she was partying, whether she had a boyfriend, and the kind of clothes she was wearing last night.