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“We are just a couple” insist husband-wife accused of friendship

14, May 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. Following weeks of rumors that suspected them of having a close friendship with each other, celebrity couple Amar and Amrita today clarified that they were “just a couple” and there was “no such thing” going on between them.

“This is all media creation,” Amar, a popular fashion designer claimed, “I and Amrita are just like any other normal couple in this country. We share the same house and the same bed, but there is nothing like friendship between us. Why is it so hard to believe?”

His wife, a former model who is now working in television serials, agrees.

“Yes, we wake up each morning. Have breakfast prepared by our bai and then go off to our respective workplaces, only to come back late in the night and sleep off; that’s not what friends do!” Amrita argued.

Wedding Gift
The couple also maintained that they still cherish the memories of their marriage

Amar and Amrita had got married two years back after dating each other for three years prior to that. Controversies and paparazzi had been a part of their lives as media had reported them as having been secretly married during their courtship period. Then they had clarified that they were “just friends”.

But last week a tabloid reported that the couple were still best friends with each other, something both Amar and Amrita insist is “quite untrue”.

Responding to pointed questions, Amar and Amrita conceded that they spend some time together on weekends and watch television reality shows together, but rejected the idea that such acts suggested any close friendship between them.

“Come on, I don’t feel like sharing anything with him, except the household expenses and maybe my wardrobe for new serials,” Amrita explained, “I can’t even trust him with my Facebook password.”

“Absolutely, even I never allow her to see my SMS inbox on my mobile,” Amar came to the rescue of his wife, “I don’t know how this talk of some sort of friendship between us got circulated in the press. This is all bullshit!”

“We are just one happy couple!” both Amar and Amrita reiterated.