Wedding called off just moments before being solemnized after bride and groom couldn't agree on CAA

13, Jan 2020 By Guest Patrakar

A wedding in South Delhi was called off just moments before being solemnized after both bride and groom had a heated argument over CAA.

Apparently, the bride was anti-CAA and the groom seemed to be in favor of the Act.

As per sources, one of the brides friend apologized for not reaching the venue on time owing to the heavy traffic due to anti-CAA protest. This got the groom to respond with a remark that was critical of the protesters.

And soon both sides started hurling expletive at the each other. Elsewhere at the same venue another fight broke out. Few gatecrashers at the wedding started chanting Hum Kagaz (invitation card) Nahi Dikhayenge, after being prevented by security guards from entering.
Cops had to be called to handle the situation after appeared that it could go out of hand.
Around 200 guests who turned up at the venue had to go without having a morsel of the wedding food. “Itni duur se aaye the ye sochke ki shaadi ka khana khayenge bhar pet. Kuch extra bartan bhi saath laye the khana ghar le jaane ke liye. Saara mazaa kirkira kar diya,” lamented a relative from the brides side who had come all the way from Ghaziabad.
There were others who were happy that the wedding got canceled. “It is the same food in every wedding. Shahi Paneer, Some veggie dish and the same gulab jamun and jalebi. And I just found out that the groom has got Beer bottles from Haryana. This is an insult to seasoned drinker like me, This is a substandard wedding, good that it is cancelled,” commented another guest.
Relatives from both sides are now trying their best to mitigate the situation, which however seems unlikely till Delhi elections are over.