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Wedding planners dedicated exclusively to plan weddings of IT engineers launched

09, Nov 2014 By farmafeku

Bangalore. Marriage season is on the brink and it is time for wedding planners to get into action. One such company gearing up for the season is Bangalore based Java-SQL Wedding Planners Pvt. Ltd. who are dedicated to planning weddings for IT engineers exclusively.

JAVA-SQL  an entrepreneurial venture and brain child of a lady who herself used to work in IT sector and is married to an IT engineer; she shares her story with us and gives us an insight into the reason for opening this start-up.

Wedding Planning
A proper planning is very necessary.

“We at JAVA-SQL are totally inclined towards making your wedding memorable and we serve only to clients from IT field,” says Jaya, the proprietor of the wedding planning firm.

“Why are you restricting yourself to IT bride & grooms?” asked our Faking News correspondent.

“We offer our services for IT couples only, as they are a unique bunch of people and have very specific set of needs, requirements and dreams. Also our operating costs for conducting their marriages is very low and we can easily turn our venture into profit at this rate,” said the cheerful CEO. She told us that the core idea sprouted when she was getting married herself and observed that regular wedding planners do not understand the needs of IT couple and they tend to do all the planning in a generic manner as they do for any other wedding, but she quotes, “IT people are a different breed.”

She further adds that there are series of things which a normal wedding planner does not even bother to understand and she enlists some points about how they operate differently:

Guest List: Creating one is the most time consuming task of all, but not for us as we do it through our advanced data-mining and artificial-intelligence techniques. We identify people who actively follow and communicate with you on social platforms like Twitter, Facebook and such. We analyse each like, comment, re-tweet and post and their retorts on your Instagram. After doing mesh analysis we provide the couple with a list of right people who are worth inviting to their wedding.

Wedding Cards: By the virtue of them being an IT engineer, all their family members become tech savvy. In many cases even their maids and other house help staff too are connected to them via Facebook and email. Som we do not send printed cards, rather we mail them e-vites and tag them with soft copy of the wedding-card as a formal invitation. It saves time, paper and printing cost too. In fact, we send out free timely reminders to all Twitter account holders till last minutes of wedding.

Remote Location: We purposely keep wedding venues at remote locations, which are usually away from major IT centers of Bangalore. By doing so, our clients get to know who really want to be at their wedding. Moreover, we end up saving good amount of money in catering services due to low turnout of guests, so win-win for everyone involved.

Live Streaming: We know that lot of friends and relatives of IT professionals are abroad or other parts of the country, so we also do free live streaming of the entire wedding. This makes sure that those who could not make it can also see and attend it live. This is one of the cutting edge moves that has won lots of hearts and as a result we have become a preferred vendor for IT couples and are hired by many of the fortune 500 IT company employees in India.

Gifts & Presents: Now our government and our beloved PM Modi Ji has urged us to not take gifts and presents. We believe in this philosophy and we urge wedding guests to not bring any gifts. Rather those who are attending the wedding can give their one month office canteen meals or Sodexo passes to the bride and groom. This will help them buy food for some months in their respective office canteens and hence help their savings. Those who couldn’t attend the wedding can always scan and send the meal coupons on our website and app and we can get it redeemed for bride and groom via our back channels.

“These and many more such services and facilities are provided by us as wedding planners, which is not even heard-of elsewhere, but touches the heart of brides and grooms of the IT world. Indeed IT people are a different breed and they must be managed differently!” She laughed and later showed us her ‘JAVA-SQL’ Facebook page where her happy customers want her to start an “Onsite-Offsite Honeymoon Travel Agency”.

She ends up saying that there is lot of opportunity in this sector and that they are conducting pilot studies for honeymoon planner start-up too.