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Weekend office party leaves employee with stiff stretched lips

08, Nov 2009 By Pagal Patrakar

Gurgaon. Udai Singh, a 24-year-old MNC executive was left with stiff stretched lips after he kept on smiling and laughing at the weekend office party on Saturday night. The party was attended by most of the employees and all of the bosses of the company. Anxious to please and network with his bosses, Udai kept on smiling at them and laughing at their jokes for five hours continuously, something doctors suspect of having stiffened his facial muscles.

“Udai had gone straight to the party after office hours and was hanging out with us. But once the bosses came to the party after changing their clothes, he suddenly excused himself and went to his immediate boss. He didn’t come back to join us after that moment and was still hanging out with the bosses when we left for our homes. This morning we heard the news that he was taken to a doctor for treatment.” Nirmal, a colleague of Udai said.

Udai was really happy last night
Udai was really happy last night

The party, touted by the HR department as being the monthly extravaganza for the employees of Mindmore Services Private Limited, was held nine months after a similar party was organized early this year. At that time employees had requested the HR department to not hold any more monthly parties as they realized that the costs of organizing the party was to be recovered from nowhere else but employees’ salaries. Udai had missed the last party and later on concluded that it had cost him a good performance appraisal. He got a chance again last night when a party was called to celebrate the birthday of the CEO.

“My bosses didn’t know much about me and I could hardly network with them as Atul, who regularly used to share cigarettes with them. Atul had befriended his boss in that last party after his boss had puked on him after drinking too much beer. Since then he had been quite close to his boss and he got a promotion and handsome salary hike last week, while I was left without any increment at all even though I work harder and smarter than Atul.” Udai told Faking News at a speed of twenty words per minute as his lips hurt while speaking.

Udai’s friends tell that he was quite active last night. Most of them heard him laughing real loud when the Sales head of the company declared, after finishing his fifth peg of Black Dog, that he could even sell his dog for three golden cats at a coal mine. Apparently it was joke and Udai was the first one to get it, followed by giggles from other seniors present at the party.

“He was finding all the jokes funny and laughing louder than Siddhu in Laughter Challenge.” recalled Nirmal.

Apart from laughing, his colleagues inform that Udai was also smiling at each of the bosses whenever their eyes met and said “hello sir” to them and lowered his head and neck each time. He was also seen holding drinks for his immediate boss when his boss went to pee.  A few of his colleagues had started making jokes about him while a few felt jealous of his abilities.

Udai spent almost five hours at the party and was dropped to his home by his boss in his swanky car. This made Udai feel really good and he immediately went to sleep, but woke up with stretched stiff lips this morning. His flatmates had to take him to a doctor.

Udai has written to the HR department of Mindmore to foot the bills as he has termed his medical condition as a case of professional hazard. Mindmore was closed on Sunday and nobody was available for comments.