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Western railways Diwali gift: First ever men's special local train launched

10, Nov 2015 By alien4dec

Mumbai: Men have been always a victim of gender diversity when it comes to travelling in a local train especially Virar local during peak hours. Many professionals travel towards churchgate daily during early hours facing gender bias due to ladies special.

Special train for men only
Special train for men only

Women have the privilege of ladies special or semi-ladies where as men have to travel in luggage compartments breaking the laws or hanging at the doors, risking their lives to earn bread and butter for their family. So, western railway emerged with the idea of special men’s train with a frequency of every 15 min. However, the increase in frequency resulted in protests by many female commuters who complained that their bosses and husbands reach office earlier than them.

Our Faking News reporter interviewed film actor Javinda who considered this as a blessings for the technical artists and strugglers of the film industry. Though western railway has launched this service after 23 years, its better late than never. He himself wants to travel in virar local to experience his struggle days in the film industry.

Michael, one of the regular travelers from vasai, said he never abused in his life until he started commuting in semi-ladies local trains with packed male commuters. He learned abusive language in locals and now, with men’s special train, again he has completely stopped abusing and need not have to visit church every sunday for confession of saying array of cuss words.

Overall all the male commuters are happy with this new service, since many can now sing bhajans, enjoy loud rock music or play rummy cards game, and discuss cricket, foot ball or politics without any interference from adjacent women’s compartments. Central railway authorities claimed western railways action as purely misogynist. It’s not Mumbai local but feminist are the life line of Mumbai.

In fact the popularity of the men’s special resulted in Harbour railway introducing a special rainbow train service especially for the LGBT communities. Famous filmmaker, Karan Sohar shall flag off this train on Diwali eve from the famous iconic Mumbai C.S.T. station. Many celebrities from Bollywood and fashion world are been invited to mark this gracious occasion.

Mono-rails are also not far behind their mega launch, to celebrate celibacy. Mono rail shall launch a special pink color train exclusive for spinsters and blue color train especially for the bachelors. Mono rail authorities have speculated that they are expecting huge group of bachelors at every station from boarding to last destination of spinster special train so that they can stalk their crush.

For couples those who have met via pink and blue special trains are entitled for a full day free journey on Valentine ’s Day in red train which shall be launched on 14th Feb’2016. They are also launching special food and beverage services of Shetty special filter coffee, tasty idli-chatni and mini medu wadas for the singles.

As childrens day is approaching, tech savy kids have gone viral on social media demanding children’s right for a special train. Therefore, the neral-matheran hill railways have come up with a special children’s train to attract more child tourists at the hill station via toy train, which is one of the most famous attraction as it passes through the amazing mountain tunnels and dense forest of the region.

Children are happy with this move and now are demanding to rechristen ‘toy train’ to ‘joy train’. Matheran hill railways are in discussion with children’s spokesperson actor Harsheel Safary.

To promote tourism ‘Go GOA – 365 days on a Holiday’, Goa Tourism shall launch daily special train for Goa tourists during Christmas and carnivals which shall have Kingfisher models serving Goan fenny and cashews.

Darjeeling Himalayan is also planning for ‘Honey-Moon’ special train ride for the couples who visit Darjeeling for their honeymoon.

Only for the yellow and saffron ration card holders of the world famous Dharavi, The Palace on Wheels, luxury tourist train has launched exclusive offers for winter season.

Agitated with the special train services for various communities, the famous dabbawallas felt left out and went further to launch their own train as ‘The Burning Dabba Train’, which shall halt at all locations and serve fresh dabbas to Mumbaikars cooked in local train.

Dabbawallas are promoting their food as ‘Go Local, Eat local’. Recently, Insain Bolt joined the Mumbai Dabbawalas as a delivery boy to serve fast food under the scheme of ‘Super Fast Express Dabbas’.