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WhatsApp Admins return their ‘admin rights’ after finding out that they don’t have any rights

15, Oct 2015 By samy

New Delhi: There is a new method of protest that is becoming popular. This is in the aftermath of several intellectuals who returned their Akademi and Padma Awards to protest against the fascist tendencies getting dominant in the country.

It's not easy being a WatsApp admin
It’s not easy being a WhatsApp admin

The latest way to protest has been to give up ‘admin status’ of WhatsApp groups.

The grapevine however points to the fact that the admin of a WhatsApp group does not have any powers. Admins are not able to moderate content and they are unable to hide posts too.

The only power that an admin has is to be able to remove a person from a group which is really never a done thing as it creates negative ripples in the forum. The only power remains to add new members which is no power at all.

On conditions of anonymity, a person who was once an enthusiastic WhatsApp group creator said, “We were having a college class mates group. In the middle of the night I get requests from friends to add a few more. They were having a booze session and they wanted all new members to be added immediately so that they could interact with everyone else in the group. When I requested that I would add in the morning, I was honored with the choicest of abuses. Being a whats app group admin is a thankless job. It would be great to be counted as one of the worthies to have given up something to protest for a cause.”

Another Admin who just quit mentioned, “Today there are strict laws against adult content on WhatsApp and admins are liable for prosecution. This is the risk of being admin of same gender groups and its a good time to give up the risk for some name and fame.”

Another admin also narrated a bad experience. He was alleged to have promoted group-ism by creating a WhatsApp group and leaving out some people just because of their belonging to a different class. He feels its unfair criticism as the group was created only for students who have opted for a certain subject.

But students from other classes want to join this group due to the presence of specific students of the fairer sex. But rules being rules, he is not able to add the interested students.

All the three admins admitted that it was a thankless job being admin of whats app groups and see a golden opportunity here to ‘Give Up’ their admin status to protest against rising fascist tendencies due to the Central Government

A survey in Mumbai itself has suggested that in most WhatsApp groups at least 3 groups have seen handing over of the baton to a new admin.

This is an unprecedented incident and it is bound to have an effect on the current political scenario in the country.