Wife angry after husband goes veggie shopping but returns without free dhaniya-mirchi

27, Mar 2020 By @jurnoleast

The coronavirus pandemic has not not only taken toll in health of citizens in the country, but it seems that the virus is now affecting relationship as well.

dhaniya mirchi

Couples forced to stay at home due to lockdown were seen sharing household tasks after maids couldn’t turn up for work. But things did not go as planned for a Delhi couple after the husband returned from veggie shopping without free dhaniya-mirchi, only to face his livid wife.

In his defense the husband said that it was the first time that he went to shop for vegetables ever in his life and had no clue about free dhaniya-mirchi.

“I was not aware of this unwritten rule that you are supposed to get free dhaniy and mirchi. I have never been to a vegetable market in my life. I can barely differentiate between palak and methi, this was clearly out of syllabus for me,” he said in an apologetic tone.

Not just the aforementioned man, such cases were reported from many households from across the country where husbands ventured into the unknown territory of vegetable market for the first time.

An isolated incident of wife beating her husband with bathroom slipper was also reported, but it is not yet clear if it had any relation to not getting free dhaniya-mirchi.

Taking cognizance of this predicament, Govt has asked women to be gentle towards their better half during the lockdown period. A circular in this regard addressing all married women in the country will be issued by the National Commission of Women.