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Wife confess her respect for husband came down after she saw all his friends are abroad & he is still in India

28, Aug 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: Jayashree has no qualms in admitting her respect for her husband, Sumit has come down by a long margin after she ‘observed’ most of Sumit’s friends are abroad and doing ‘great’.


As their married life was ‘strained’, Jayashree spoke to Dr. Mohini who works as psychiatrist. “I am married to Sumit for more than twelve years. When his marriage proposal came, there was no Facebook to check his profile. It was all through the research my uncle and brother did through their links. Sumit was a teetotaler, no affairs which was in public domain. When I met him first time, I was also impressed with his simplicity and down to earth personality”, said Jayashree.

“Post marriage also I did not see much change in Sumit, except one unusual hobby of working with theatre groups in weekends. It all started when I became active in Facebook, Instagram. I came to know about many of Sumit’s classmates and colleagues who are doing so ‘good’ in US. I do not know the cameras they used or the special photography technique they know, photos looked awesome. The smiles and fun they are having every weekend reflects in their photographs”, said Jayashree who often questioned Sumit why did not follow the same path what others have done so ‘successfully’.

As more and more weekends passed and Sumit’s friends started uploading a lot of impressive pictures from their weekend trips, birthday parties, marriage anniversaries which got many more likes than what Jayashree posted, there she started feeling more ‘uncomfortable’. She started feeling Sumit is telling lie like he is happy here doing what he is doing. “Probably he is not good enough or simply a lazy guy who wants to stay here in Bangalore so that he can sleep two hours at Silk Board Signal”, said Jayashree.