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Wife files for divorce after husband fails to daily check-in on Facebook during honeymoon in Mauritius

27, Jul 2017 By Guest Patrakar

In a shocking incident for the families involved, a newly married bride has decided to call it quits within less than 2 weeks of getting married.


Anita Sethi, a teacher in the government college of Ludhiana got married to Vikram Chatwal, a successful Delhi banker. While everything went well at the big fat Punjabi wedding, the honeymoon in Mauritius turned out to be a disaster for Anita.

As the couple reached Mauritius resort, Vikram took out his Phone to check his call logs, but forgot to check in on his Facebook timeline.

After spending more than 5 days at various famous hotels and tourists spots in Mauritius, Vikram realized that he hasn’t checked-in on Facebook at any of the places.  “I’m sorry, I forgot to check-in on the Facebook,” said Vikram in a low and pacifying tone. “Are you serious??” remarked a jolted Anita, and that was the last time the two ever spoke. Anita immediately flew back to India to her parents and upon several deliberations filed for a divorce.

Sources close to the family say that the relationship was already strained after the wedding album failed to generate enough likes on Facebook. Anita has also asked Vikram to reply to every congratulation that each pic has received for the albums to gain visibility.

Mrs Ritika Khanna, Anita’s aunt and her close confidant told us that Anita was willing to give the relationship another chance by ensuring the honeymoon check in will gain them many eyeballs and likes but when Vikram told her that he forgot to check in almost at every place, she could not take it any further.

“You should also think no, my niece Aashima went on honeymoon and her husband managed to check in on almost every destination they went which gained them many likes and comments. How will Anita manage with such a husband with only 200 Facebook friends?” remarked Mrs Khanna who herself seemed to be devastated with this development.