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Wife shows lots of love to in-laws even after 5 years of marriage; husband seeks medical advice for her

08, Nov 2017 By RT

Bangalore. Relatively newly married couple, 5 years into the marriage got into a medical counselling recently. The counselling was recommended by the husband for the wife for showing lots of love towards in-laws during their recent trip home. Love after 5 years is almost chronic disorder, the husband apparently told the doctors, it is learnt by Faking News.

husband sad

“Every love has a honeymoon period. Love towards husband lasts a full year after the marriage. Love towards in-laws lasts half that time. Agreed that my wife has been an exception and showed a lot of love towards me for a full 2 years, before the rigmarole of Bangalore traffic life caught up to her. There was not a hint of love after 2 years and that was absolutely normal. But, suddenly this affection towards in-laws, after 5 years of marriage, is deeply worrisome. I am seeking expert medical advice,” the man told Faking News.

“Everything comes with an expiry date. Stretching beyond the expiry date produces undesired results. Take the example of Dhoni. He is not even half the finisher he once was. We all know now he is a great finisher only for the opposition. Wife’s love for the husband comes with an expiry. The sell by date may differ from person to person and city to city. But, there is an expiry date. And for the in-laws, there definitely is an expiry date and 5 years is definitely way past that expiry date,” he explained the reason behind his move to consult a doctor.

Just to illustrate what he means, he called out to his wife and said, “Honey, I love you” for which she immediately responded with “Get a life!” as heard by Faking News reporter, while taking leave.