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Wife is suspecting infidelity after husband says every time he is going out to link Aadhaar with something

16, Sep 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: Bengaluru based techie Pradeep is struggling to link Aadhaar with ‘items’ government has already enforced like PAN, Provident Fund, Mobile SIM card etc. To make his life even measurable new new items are getting added every other day like the need to link Aadhaar with driving license.

This is not the only problem Pradeep has in his hands, His wife Ramola has started doubting on his ‘character’. “A techie like him who goes to office for 18 hours daily, he will spend his Saturdays in running around to link his Aadhaar. Kuch to gadbad hai,” said Ramola.

“I am the creator of my problems. Was mad when I opened so many bank accounts needlessly just by looking at the freebies they offered like movie tickets, Pizza coupons etc. Gone to SBI some four times, whenever I went there the concerned person is always out like he has gone for breakfast, tea or lunch.”

Pradeep added, “PAN and Aadhaar ka link to mat bolo. Online it said your name does not match with records. First I ran towards Income tax office for PAN correction where they asked for Aadhaar with correct name and when I went to Aadhaar office they asked for PAN with correct name. Kuch hua to nahin, mera bata chapal hi ghis gaya, now I am using liberty”.

Pradeep said, “Now Ramola does not know about all these. She does not know I have some sixteen sim cards with different service providers in my name, some I have bought for her and her family members in my name as they did not have ID proofs. If my mobile or her mobile gets locked, she will doubt on me more, kuch to galat kar raha hai yeh banda.

Pradeep said, “Private banks are no good either. They gave me coffee and linked my Aadhaar with account. But every day more than ten calls I am getting from them, sir take this loan, take this credit card from us, so many exciting offers exclusively for you.”

Pradeep is now looking to run away to some other country before Govt. stops him by bringing Aadhaar equation in doing so.