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Wife suspects extramarital affair after government employee starts staying in office after 5 PM

18, Nov 2014 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi. Increased workload in office has landed a CPWD employee in severe domestic trouble. Sumit Singh, a CPWD employee has been accused of having an extramarital affair by his wife after he started staying in office even after 5 PM.

This bizarre case came to light when Mrs Singh was spotted beating up her husband outside her home in Delhi’s Vasant Kunj area. After the intervention of neighbors, Mrs. Singh broke down and explained her husband’s infidelity.

Files in government office
Sumit’s wife thought these to be love letters written by him to his “girlfriend”.

When Faking News contacted Mrs Singh, she told us, “You tell me, Which government employee leaves home at 8 AM and returns after dark? 15 years in this job, he always left at 10 AM, returned for lunch at 12, then left at 3 PM and returned at 5. What is this new work he has started doing all of a sudden? It is very obvious that other woman is involved.”

“I confronted him and gave him a chance to apologize but he flat out denied having any affair insulting my intelligence. He just said that work has increased. Bhaiya where is the work in Government offices, forget increase or decrease? He isn’t an IT Engineer that he is made to work 12 hours a day,” Mrs Singh went on to add.

Meanwhile, Sumit is distraught and doesn’t know how to convince his wife. Speaking to this reporter, Sumit said, “Damn Modi yaar. Lives alone and will ensure that we will start living alone soon. Ever since his arrival in Delhi, we are getting tons of work. I didn’t even know I was hired to do those things even after 15 years of service. I struggle to get away by 8 PM and then return home to find a wife doubting me.”

“I often don’t find time to even have my lunch these days resulting in weight loss and my wife thinks I am losing weight to impress some girl. Getting dark circles under my eyes as I am no longer able to enjoy my afternoon nap and she thinks I am awake at night thinking about some other woman. I am fed up,” Sumit sobbed.

However, Mrs Singh has dismissed this excuse and given an ultimatum to Sumit to return to his normal schedule. As per latest reports, Sumit is considering resigning from his Government job and take up a job in HR department of an MNC to get his married life back on track.