Wildlife photographer bitten by selfie bug, gets seriously bitten by a Wolf while trying to take a selfie with the animal

29, Jul 2017 By RT

Gir Forest National Park. A wildlife photographer got seriously bitten by a Wolf while trying to take a selfie with the animal. The incident happened in the morning hours, when the selfie loving photographer got close to the animal trying to take a selfie, it is learnt by Faking News.

“I don’t know what kind of a photographer this guy is. He was going from enclosure to enclosure, taking selfie with birds, rodents and monkeys. Everything was OK until he got closure to a wolf, against the advice of fellow travellers. The animal was not aggressive until the flash. The light from the camera must have irritated the wolf. Before the guy looked down on the phone to check the quality of the newly taken selfie, the animal attacked,” an observer to the incident told Faking News.

“People go to monuments and take selfies; visit restaurants and take selfies; In buses, trains, malls, movie theatres and just about everywhere else take selfies. But, a wildlife photographer taking selfie with animals is something extraordinary. Even the regular tourists were taking photos of the birds and animals and not selfies with them. The wolf had bitten on his shoulders and also on the selfie arm,” he further commented on the general behaviour of selfie lovers and how it worked against this photographer, in this incident.

“I am not a crazy guy as most of the people who carry a mobile phone with 4 cameras. As a wildlife photographer, I used to just take photographs of wildlife and never a selfie. Only recently, I have seen some people having a wilder life, more wild than the jungles, taking selfies  and looking unbearably wild in the photos. The bug got into me and I started this new thing,” the photographer admitted on his weird behaviour to Faking News.

Prior to leaving the hospital, our reporter politely obliged to a selfie taken with the heavily bandaged photographer.