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Winters keep away from Mumbai for fear of being labeled outsider

23, Nov 2013 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. Mumbaikars often rue about the lack of winters in the city a la Delhi. While people in Delhi switch on room heaters, Mumbaikars have to convince themselves to switch off air conditioners.

A winter that also comes with winter wears has been a long cherished dream of every Mumbai resident, but it seems this dream might remain a dream for long.

Locals waiting for winters

Faking News has found out why winters don’t come to Mumbai. Sources reveal that winters actually arrive during the season at odd hours, but don’t stay for long because of fear of being labeled “outsiders” and being bashed up in the process.

“We know how outsiders, especially from north, are treated in this city by some politicians and are wary of the same treatment being meted out to us. So that’s why we come early in the morning around 5 am or so, when not many people are awake and watching, cool down the temperature a little bit, and then go back within an hour,” a member of Winter Asscociation revealed.

“We will continue to play such hide and seek with the city till such hate politics subsides,” she warned.

Raj Thackeray too believes it’s better for the city if these winters stay away.

“It is because of these winters from north, that our humid Marathi weather is not getting recognition in its own city. If these winters stay 24/7, our humid weather will have to struggle to get notice,” the MNS chief explained.

He also feels that these winters are nothing but anti-social elements who are responsible for rising crimes in any city.

“A humid and hot weather means people remain within confines of their home. But when weather is good, people come out of their homes and along with them migrants also come out and commit crimes,” he reasoned.

“Further we have already seen how so many people up in north die every year because of harsh and cruel nature of winters. We won’t let it happen to people of Mumbai,” he added.

However away from all this some Mumbaikars have found their own way to tackle it and are creating artificial winters by keeping AC at lowest temperature and wearing sweaters inside home and workplace.

Some are even wearing these sweaters and jackets while stepping out to prove that winters in the city are at par with Delhi. It came to light when few of them were found in unconscious state in various parts of the city.