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With ban imposed on mobile internet, boy in Gujarat discovers he also has a brother

29, Aug 2015 By HARSH DOLIA

Gujarat: When under the dimlight of stars and under the shade of moon it seemed that “Patel Andolan” is not favouring the Patels, one Patel boy in Gujarat said, “This andolan has proved fruitful to me. I found that I also have a small brother of me who lives in my house only and often comes to my room.”

More and more people are discovering their loved ones after mobile internet ban in Gujarat
More and more people are discovering their loved ones after mobile internet ban in Gujarat

The whole of the media shifted its gears from Sheena Bora case to this one as this had more ingredients of a serial than Sheena Bora’s case. As the news spread far and wide, Gujarat CM Anandiben Patel set up an committee to further investigate the case so that people totally forget about the reservation issue and focus on this.

After investigations, the committee found that this was due to the ban imposed on mobile internet connections for ever since the troubles began in the state due to Patel reservation movement.

During these internet-less days, after 8 years, Keedadas Patel (real name Jignesh) came out of his room to discover his house and suddenly found a small boy playing. He was surprised to know that he also has a small brother. He exclaimed, “I have a brother!!!”

His mother said, “This step by Gujarat Govt to ban the net connections proved to be happy realization for our family. My elder son came out of Facebook and WhatsApp to have a look at our face and to ask us whatsup. Also he talked to me and his father.”

“Our son can talk!!!” This occasion is not less than festival for me,” Jignesh’s father said excitedly to this Faking News reporter.

The news soon reached Delhi. “Jignesh ke Achche din aa gaye. We are helping the families unite.” tweeted the Prime Minister.

Rahul Gandhi in no time tweeted back, “Nobody can teach Indians the importance of family that our Nehru-Gandhi family. Modiji is taking credit for things he has not deon.”

Amid all this politics, Keedadas has become a bigger youth icon than Hardik Patel. One group has suggested his name for bravery award as according to them Keedadas showed his bravery to come out of WhatsApp and Facebook for continuous 2 days.