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With real estate under politicians’ control, mafia targets womb rentals

27, Jan 2011 By Simon

Mumbai. As the Health Ministry attempts to regulate surrogacy, or “wombs for rent”, with the Assisted Reproductive Technologies Regulation Bill, Faking News can reveal that 95% of surrogate mothers in Mumbai are currently “rented” by one man. The figure in question is known only as “Baby Rajora” (due to his youthful unscarred face) is thought to head the “womb mafia”.

“The Adarsh housing thing blew up and brought the babus and politicians into the property sector,” says “Manu”, adjusting his Aviators and turning up the AC in his BMW M5, “so the boss felt that it was time to seek new rental opportunities so he made an.. um… entry.. into the womb market. The government can’t reserve womb space for the Armed Forces.”

Newsweek cover page on April 7 2008
Childless couples from foreign countries look for surrogate mothers in India, which has led mafia to dream of earning quick dollars

He explained that the “womb sector” runs on the “traditional business model” involving “supply restriction”. So strict is the supply restriction that if a surrogate mother renting her womb to the mafia gets pregnant, she must pay them rent.

“I really hope this baby is early,” said Meghna, who used to receive Rs.500 per month from the mafia before her unplanned pregnancy with her husband, “I’m paying Rs.750 per month for ‘breach of contract’ and it increases as the baby grows and takes up more rental space. I want a small and sickly baby.”

The activities of the “womb mafia” have not gone unnoticed by Shiv Sena, which held a street protest yesterday.

“This is terrible,” said Sena supporter, Pratibha, “these poor women, someone should stop this, we need regulations, and these surrogate mothers may be forced to bear Punjabi or even Bihari children! Marathi wombs for Marathis!”

However, “Baby Rajora” has a regional equality policy. He often says that he would “rent to a Labrador” if the price was right. Although Baby Rajora claimed that he enjoys good relationships with some politicians, he denied that there was any politician-mafia nexus in the wombs-for-rent market.

“They are my friends and they don’t interfere in my business,” he clarified, though agreed that some leaders like ND Tiwari had shown interest in being surrogate father. “I have no interest in renting any part of him,” he added.