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Wives arranging husband's wardrobe in daily soaps to attend vocational courses for upgrading their skills

22, Jan 2016 By Beer & Biryani

Mumbai: The Union of Shirt Folding Wives in Indian Television (USFWIT) has reportedly conducted its first meaningful conference in the past 15 years to take some historic, progressive decisions.

We need an upgrade please
We need an upgrade please

The meeting took place in 5-star haveli at Mumbai, the daily soap capital of India and was attended by 50 high profile bahus, betis, dadis and chotis of Indian silver screen.

USFWIT has clearly expressed its disappointment at the way women are projected in TV serials and hope to change it all by giving vocational courses.

Speaking to Faking News, a famous bahu from Ekta Kapoor’s serial said, “It all started in the 90s when I, as Prerna Basu, folded around 10,000 shirts, trousers, and coats to act busy in scenes during the entire series. The future generation of actors should do something else like playing Candy Crush while talking to reel husband.”

Grandmas have clearly indicated that they wouldn’t neither be knitting sweaters nor holding jap mala in their hands. “I’ve been knitting wool irrespective of the season, really feel awkward when I’m asked to knit sweaters during mid-summer episodes. Why not chess playing scenes? I’m intelligent enough to play chess”, said a popular dadi from Colors’ daily soap.

After listening to the attendees’ grievances, the presiding committee of USFWIT decided that the entire serial fraternity will set itself on a development path by upgrading their skills so that their conventional image is shed and the silver screen gets converted to 2.0 version.

“The version 2.0 will be a drastic change over the previous version and men will have to do all the housework including arranging their own wardrobe. The vocational course will also train women in pampering themselves like going to a beauty parlor and spending the entire day just shopping,” said Rega Jaha, a bahu who attended the conference and was unequivocally in favor of ‘women’s empowerment’.