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Woman anonymously complains to CBI against herself to locate her misplaced wedding ring

16, Dec 2015 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi: Rinku Sharma, a Delhi based housewife was taken in police custody and later released for anonymously calling the CBI and making them search her house by registering a fake complaint against herself.

Lost something? Let the CBI find it for you
Lost something? Let the CBI find it for you

The incident was reported from Mayur Vihar in Delhi, where Rinku stays with her husband. The couple was planning to celebrate their first wedding anniversary but Rinku managed to misplace the wedding ring and was worried that her short tempered husband will ruin the anniversary by pick up a fight with her.

“My husband just looks for excuses to fight with me. Just like any political party, he will pick up frivolous issues and start blaming me for that is wrong with the world,” she said trying to explain her position.

“I was desperate for the ring and then I saw this news report of raid on Delhi Secretariat and how they found files, cash and liquor bottles. Those guys looked like they could dig out things from thin air. That’s when I got the idea to use them to find my ring,” she said.

“I called them up anonymously and lodged an complaint against  myself saying that a huge stash of gold was hidden in my house. Within minutes a few CBI officials swooped in and were on the job immediately. I can tell you that within 15 mins they located my ring which I was couldn’t for the last 15 days,” said Rinku with embarrassment all over her face.

Meanwhile, BJP leader Sambit Patra was quick to point out that this particular case was a good example to show that CBI is independent and it not controlled by Modi Govt.

“Since the time the raids were conducted on the secretariat, AAP leaders have been accusing us of orchestrating the raids and also called CBI a ‘caged parrot’. This case will tell you that the CBI does not take any instructions from us. Even a common man can them up and the CBI will oblige,” said Mr. Patra, as he finished the final rep of his bench press, all set for Arnab’s NewsHour debate.