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Woman marries off her son to maid to save on rising salary expectations of the maid

16, Sep 2014 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. A woman in Tagore Garden region of West Delhi today shocked her neighbours and relatives by announcing marriage of her son to the maid working in her household.

Poonam Talwar, the 51 years old woman in question, was reportedly tired of looking for an affordable maid for last couple of months ever since her family shifted to Delhi from Punjab.

As per sources in Talwar household, not only was Mrs. Talwar shocked to hear salary expectations of maids, she was further surprised to find them taking 4-5 paid leaves in a month and festival bonus, much more that her husband working as a senior government employee was eligible for even after 30 years of service.

Current maid situation in India.
Current maid situation in India.

So fed up was she that despite being a Punjabi, she didn’t care about “what people will say” and decided to offer her son’s hand to a 20-year-old maid Manju (from Bihar) yesterday.

“The demands of maids have increased more exponentially than even inflation in UPA’s rule. If the trend continues, who knows in future their salaries could be at par with white collar professionals,” Poonam told Faking News, “It is better to plan now and have one maid in the family before we have a ‘maid boom’ in country like ‘IT boom’.”

“Just like a doctor treating his family members doesn’t get to charge them, a maid too wouldn’t be able to demand any remuneration,” Mrs Talwar argued while paying Rs. 50,000 for a Yorkshire puppy.

“And the way these maids argue and answer back, I think they are already in the ‘bahu’ mode,” the soon-to-be ‘saas’ pointed.

Mrs. Talwar has already spoken with Manju’s parents and has requested them to send the girl in just “do jodi pochcha and jhaadoo.”

When asked if wouldn’t it be foolish to spend so much in a marriage just to save on a maid’s salary, Mrs. Talwar shot back, “All these expenses on marriage, ceremonies and all are only going to be one time expense, which anyway we would have incurred had we married my son off to somebody from our caste.”

Talwar household wants Manju to continue working in other houses as a maid even after marriage. They feel with Manju working, their son would not be distracted and finish his studies.

“My son is in final year of engineering. I think at this point he would be happy to have his ‘relationship status’ changed from ‘single’ on Facebook,” Talwar said when asked if her son had given his nod to marriage.