Women want pani-puri stalls to be categorized as essential service, Govt non-committal

02, Apr 2020 By @jurnoleast

It seems lockdown is taking its toll on those who like to munch on some roadside snack at the neighborhood pani-puri wala. As per sources, women are most affected due to non-availability of pani-puri.

A section on women now want the Govt to declare pani-puri as essential service so that women can enjoy the snack

I haven’t stayed without pani-puri for so long ever in my life. If things go on like this, I might even find a cure to Covid so that I get to eat my favorite snack.

The report also stated how several women were having withdrawal symptoms as well.

“For the last couple of days I am having a severe headache. Felt feverish and puked a couple of times. I thought it was because I read a few Chetan Bhagat books to kill time during lockdown. But then I realized these were just withdrawal symptoms,” said a media professional from Mumbai while speaking to our reporter.

The aforementioned women found support from well-known feminists as well. “When Kerala Govt can make alcohol available for men, why cant we get pani-puri.,” questioned a well known feminist.

Govt however is non-committal on this demand. Apparently, there is a concern that several others may come up with similar demands and it will defeat the purpose of a lockdown.

Not just feminists, Politican Ramdas Athavale too joined the chorus for pani-puri. While appealing to the Govt, in an exclsive chat with Faking News he said, “Lockdown ke waqt humne bana ke rakhi duuri, Lockdown ke waqt humne bana ke rakhi duuri….isliye sarkar ki taraf se humko milni chahiye pan-puri.”