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Young IAS officer refuses to accept dowry, parents blame Bollywood

10, Dec 2014 By Namit Jain

Patna. In a strange turn of events in Aarakshanpur, a town located in center of Bihar, a young IAS Officer refused to take dowry during his marriage negotiations.

The parents are dumbfounded and embarrassed by their son’s move and have blamed the Bollywood for this unexpected state of affairs.

Public Protest
People protesting against Bholu’s decision.

Bholu Yadav, 29, is an IAS Officer who is currently working for the mining ministry in Bihar. His pay perks include a lavish apartment, a car, a secretary and a house maid. He was looked upon by his family and friends as a prototype of the perfect husband for a rich man’s beautiful daughter (sometimes educated too).

Given that he had achieved the alpha male status in the family, everyone was expecting his wedding to be a grand affair wherein all members were anticipating considerable inflow of valuable goods.

But Bholu, reportedly because of the ideologies developed in him during his training, said a straight no to dowry and even went ahead to reject the girl because of her fake BA Degree.

This sparked a row of rage and discontent among the family members who claim to have stood by his side when he was preparing for IAS examinations.

Parents have expressed their frustration saying that their son was spoiled by seeing all the social awareness movies made by directors like Prakash Jha and Kalpana Lajmi who have complete disregard for the investment that parents make on their son’s education so that they can cash in multiple returns when he gets married.

They said that they had expected the investment on their son’s education to grow like the IT Sector boom of early 2000’s but now its fate looks more similar to the IPO of Reliance Power.

Mr Sunder Kumar, President of The Regional Association Of IAS Parents has already called up a meeting to look into the situation.

Bholu’s relatives have started gathering at Bholu’s house in order to convince him to be a good son and listen to his parents.

One of his cousins, on condition of anonymity said that the family was planning an emotional ambush to reel Bholu into accepting his parents’ terms.