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Youngster buys BSNL sim card to avoid network and 100s of Diwali messages from relatives

26, Oct 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai: Diwali is near and the hustle and bustle can be seen in the market. The corporate world is booming with gifts and bonuses and people are seen with happy faces as they plan vacations with family. But Diwali brings one more problem for youngsters, yes, 100s of Diwali greetings messages from family and relatives. So much that sometimes the phone hangs.


Shwetank Srivastava, an Engineer in Mumbai has found a solution to this perennial problem. Shwetank has taken a BSNL connection, whose network is world famous, for constant disruption and network problems. Forget about internet speed, even normal voice calls are a pain. Shwetank revealed that he uses this idea every year and gets relief from so many unwanted messages.

Shwetank spoke to faking news reporter and had this to say,” Last year I implemented this idea. Before that I used to get 1000 messages on an average on every Diwali day. After getting a BSNL sim card last year, I did,not receive any messages and so I implemented the idea this year itself. Leave alone messages, even if your relative wants to call you and wish you on Diwali it is not possible if you have a BSNL connection.

Shwetank’s idea has spread like fire and the demand for BSNL sim cards is on an all-time high. The company has ordered fresh manufacturing of cards which will then be distributed to retail outlets.