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Youngsters suddenly feeling patriotic as Independence Day approaches

15, Aug 2013 By Shaitaan Khopdi ™

Bangalore: In keeping with the annual tradition, youth of Metro and Tier-I cities are once again finding their hidden patriotic nerve as the 67th Independence day of the nation approaches. Experts have so far downplayed this trend saying this will not last more than 24 hours and people will return to their comfortable jobs and cozy lifestyles once the weekend starts.

“We have seen similar waves of emotional loose motion during mother’s day and father’s day when people do a customary Facebook update expressing their love but return back to their socially ignorant self the very next day,” explained Yogendra Yadav a social scientist who pokes his beard in everything.

Indian flag
To celebrate the day, many youngsters tagged each other on such pictures uploaded on Facebook.

However trend analysts are taking this phenomenon seriously. Pankaj Kachauri a data and statistics nerd told Faking News that pirated music download website songs.pk observed spike in number of downloads as Indians frantically downloaded patriotic songs, preparing for I-Day. “People want to express their patriotism by setting patriotic songs as their ringtones,” explained Kachauri.

Sahil, a 26 year old software engineer was in festive mood since 14th morning after his office was decorated by dozens of small tiranga everywhere. He proudly shared “UNESCO Chooses Indian National Anthem as Best in the World” and got whopping 3 likes within 1 day (not counting his own ‘Like’). Although some of his friends pointed that it was a bogus story, his spirits are not dampened.

He is so excited that, he plans to repost this message on 15th morning. When asked what he likes most about Independence Day, his reply was prompt, “Will Smith as Captain Steven Hiller.”

“Social Media websites are bracing themselves for expected drop in traffic when people are likely to take 52-second break from online social life and try to lip-synch national song,” explained another marketing executive Ra-Butt Vadhera.

Shaitaan Khopdi™ was quick to add “By the way it is national anthem, not national song; hope you know the difference.” Ra-butt dodged the question saying “Song or anthem, who cares?”

Some positives were also noticed during these times. Lot of young, bachelor techies decided to spend time with their families this I-Day. Maddy, yet another software engineer told us, “It’s a dry day, so we won’t be able to hang out anyway. Why not have some time with family, for a change.”