Youtuber releases video on making beer using household ingredients, recieves a billion views in 10 minutes

27, Apr 2020 By yogy

Desperation to lay his hands on a chilled bottle of beer in the summer heat of Delhi drove a man to invent homemade beer.

A video showing the procedure to make the beer with household ingredients was uploaded on Youtube and clocked a billion views in just minutes.

Many who have tried the recipe say that the concoction tastes exactly like beer and it is hard to find any difference. ‘It also gives the same kick after you down a few glasses’ – read a comment below the video.

Sources say that that his subscriber base is all set to cross that of PewDiePie and T-series in just a few days.

An SEO expert that our reporter spoke to said, “I have been part of Youtube’s digital team for almost a decade now and never seen something like this. And he didn’t even have to say ‘Click the Like button and press the bell icon’. This is seriously unprecedented.”

The previously unknown man has now become an internet sensation with some even asking that the Govt honor him with some award.

Happy that his jugaad was well received online, the man is now planning to start his own business.

However the authenticity of his ‘home made beer’ still needs to be checked for authenticity before it can be commercialized.

Sources say that a sample of the beer has been sent to Ravi Shastri for certification.