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Zoo animals still shocked why thousands of people came to see them

02, Jan 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Patna. Animals of Sanjay Gandhi Botanical and Zoological Garden, also known as Patna Zoo, have been left confused for the last couple of days as more than 25,000 people turned up to see them on the New Year’s Day. Even though this event has now become an annual affair over the years in the city, it seems that the animals still have not become accustomed to it.

“Munnu the monkey has not eaten anything since today morning. He came here only a few months ago, and had witnessed such scenes for the first time. One man in green jeans and pink sweater was making faces at him and had brought his face very near to Munnu.” informed Ramlal, the zoo caretaker, adding, “But nothing to worry about. Munnu was in such a state of shock when he had seen himself in a mirror for the first time. He’d be alright within a couple of days.”

Munnu, the monkey, can’t think straight after seeing thousands of human beings
Munnu, the monkey, can’t think straight after seeing thousands of human beings

Other animals too have been showing minor symptoms of shock since the deluge of humanity came in close vicinity to them. The zoo was full of human voices and movements and the animals didn’t seem to have enjoyed the company, even though the United Nations has designated 2010 as the International Year of Biodiversity.

Zoo authorities, who are IAS officers unlike Ramlal, believe that the animals need to be educated about the UN resolution, so that they learn to respect co-habiting with human beings. Some of the authorities also believe that the animals could be suffering from enochlophobia and needed special medical attention, and have asked the state government to budget 13.32 crores rupees for the education and treatment of the animals.

But animal rights activist are blaming the happy human beings for the sad conditions of the zoo animals.

“This is all bullshit. Animals are not used to such gatherings. Forget animals, even we don’t see such large gathering often in Patna, unless there is some rally by a politician or a half-naked Bollywood actress comes for a performance. And I don’t know why people want to start their year with seeing faces of monkeys and hippos. The government should make separate parks for such revelry.” L V Sharma, an animal rights activist proposed.

Taking a cue, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati has promised to make Ambedkar Parks in Bihar if her party BSP was voted to power in the state.