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After dress code, corporates introduce more rules making employees recall school days

06, Aug 2014 By idiot420

Bangalore. After making it compulsory to wear formal dresses and thus look like each other, companies are introducing more rules that are making employees feel as if they have gone back to school days.

Taking such rules to a new level, a city based IT company Gurucool Infosystems has introduced morning assembly where employees will say prayers and their shoes and shaves will be checked by managers.

Get ready to stand outside meeting room as punishment after screwing up client meeting.

“The prayers will be perfectly secular in nature,” Narayan Shankar, MD of Gurucool Infosystems told Faking News, “Our employees will be praying to the clients and not to any god of any particular religion, after which project managers will check if they have shaved properly and if their shoes are shining, just as it used to be in the schools during the morning assemblies.”

Although sources tell that such rules have been introduced by the HR department as their monthly quota of sadistic pleasure was not met, top management insists that it has been done for employee’s wellbeing and welfare.

“Our motive is to take employees down memory lane and give them opportunities to relive their school days once again,” Mr. Shankar claimed, “This will ease on stress on them and keep them in good mood.”

“School might have ended, but why should those days end?” he argued.

The MD claims that he realized that employees were nostalgic about school days after he saw a lot of young executives watching this video in office:


“It was a video by Pepsi, and I knew that next they will say ‘yeh dil maange more’, so I decided to give them more,” the MD explained.

To balance corporate life with school life, the company has even introduced rules like making employees kneel down or undergo “Murga punishment” if they fail to meet deadlines.

“If required, young executives will be asked to stand up on their chairs for couple of hours as punishment, making them feel even younger,” revealed Priyanka Mathur, Chief HR Manager of the company.

Other rules include punishment for eating something before the lunch hour and saying “Good morning sir/madam” in unison when a client arrives for a meeting.

Concept of holiday homework has been introduced too. Be it Diwali, Holi, or even normal leaves, employees are supposed to do some of office work from home.

Interestingly, some employees have welcomed this ‘back to school’ rules by corporate houses.

“As if we were getting a lot of holidays and fun earlier,” said Ritu Patil, a sales executive in an MNC, “At least it makes us recall of the good old days.”

“I just hope they don’t introduce parents-teachers meeting over all this,” she however added, “My boss might say irrational things about appraisal to my parents while my parents might ask my boss to look for a suitable boy for me!”