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‘’ALTBalaji’s new show Apharan’s trailer to be used in Haryana’s tourism video’’, says Haryana Chief Minister

07, Dec 2018 By Ad-min

Chandigarh: Haryana has been a flag bearer of sorts in the cases of kidnapping of women and girls in the past three years. Crime registered has also seen a growth compared to other states. The government is positive though and wants to use this growth to project the State as the kidnapping capital of India.


We have seen the tourism ads of different states reflecting the culture and changing times of that state. And Haryana government wanted to do something of similar sort to promote tourism. Some bureaucrats in the Haryana government had recently seen the trailer of ALTBalaji’s new show ‘Apharan’ and thought that the video connects pretty well to what the state has to offer in terms of tourism. Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar was shown the video during the review meeting of existing projects undertaken by the tourism ministry.



The Chief Minister was highly impressed by the drama and intrigue provided by ‘Apharan’ and was surprised to see that kidnapping can create such engaging stories. Without wasting anytime, he ordered the tourism ministry to use the trailer in Haryana’s tourism video.

Khattar is pretty sure that every kidnapping has a story attached to it and people would love to live those stories by visiting the state.

As soon as we came to know about the decision of the Chief Minister, our team saw the trailer and came to a conclusion that Khattar indeed has a valid point. The bandwidth of emotions and drama covered by the trailer which tells us about a kidnapping story has everything in it to promote tourism in Haryana.

There are rumors that even the states of Bihar and Jharkhand are in touch with the producers to make some new trailers which they can then use to promote tourism in their respective states. Our team will keep tabs on the latest happenings of the same, meanwhile you can get the firsthand experience of what the new Haryana Tourism video will look like.