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Angry that no one noticed his brand new SUV, Delhi guy threatens to go on a world tour

29, Apr 2016 By Ad-min

New Delhi: A Delhi based businessman, angry with no one noticing is new SUV has threatened to go on a world tour in his new car.

A world tour to show off your new car
A world tour to show off your new car

Ashish Khurana, who himself owns an automobile showroom in Vasant Kunj area of Delhi, bought an SUV a few days back and has been trying like everyone else to get people to notice his new car. But things didn’t turn out as expected for Mr. Khurana after his ‘selfie with SUV’ post on Facebook managed to get just 2 Likes.

Apparently, the automobile dealer has now threatened to go on a world tour on JK tyre and make sure that his SUV gets the publicity that it deserves.

Our reporter caught up with Mr. Khurana to know more about his world tour. Speaking to our reporter from the driver’s seat of his SUV, he said, “I spent so much on this SUV and no one has even noticed it. I expected people to ask me a few questions, but even my social media efforts have gone down the drain. But with my next feat I am pretty sure that I will be ‘Breaking News’ on most news channels.”

When questioned about his insistence on JK tyre, Mr. Khurana replied, “A few days back I read about a guy who covered 50,000kms on JK tyre and Google tells me that the earth’s circumference is 40000kms. That leaves me with 10000kms to spare even after touring the world. It makes sense doesn’t it?”

“Besides, being in the automobile business I pretty well know that JK tyre can effortlessly endure the rough terrain, twists and turns of the tour. I know I will be stretching the limits, but that’s part of the game, he added.

Mrs. Khurana, however is skeptical and angry at not being part of the trip. “He never takes me anywhere. But that is a different story, he refused to take a spare tyre along saying the four JK tyres on the SUV will get him through the trip,” she said with raised eyebrows.

Neighbors too are not amused. Having put up with his eccentric behavior they have dismissed it as ‘Khurana’s desperation to show off’. “I remember the time when he bought a new watch. He ran the marathon with one arm raised in air. What better can you expect from him?” questioned Dilpreet Dhillon, his next door neighbor.

“Someone just told me that Khuranaji has been virtually touring the globe on Google Maps, hoping to ‘familiarize’ himself with the terrain. Isn’t that stupid. I bet he’ll turn back once he gets  on the rough country side roads,” he scoffed.

But criticism has not dampened the enthusiasm of Ashish, who is confident that post his feat, he would be as popular as the CM of Delhi.

When questioned about a backup plan just in case, Mr. Khurana said, “The only thing left would be to open my own stall at the Auto Expo and pose in front of the car.”