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Badshah appointed as Censor Board Chief, promises to convert beeps into beats

11, Apr 2016 By Ad-min

Mumbai: Rapper Badshah added another feather to his cap after he was appointed the Censor Board chief here today after current chief stepped down following severe criticism on social media.

Changing bad to good, one beat at a time
Changing bad to good, one beat at a time

A source close to the development spoke to Faking News reporter and said, “The current censor chief has been receiving a lot of flak for his comments on social media. His inclination towards being sanskari and censoring all that he feels is against our culture is not going down well with many. With so many cuts all that you get to hear is ‘beep’. That is the reason why Badshah has been roped in as the Censor board chief.”

The rapper too was ecstatic with the development. Though in favor of filtering objectionable content, he mixed no words that it had to be done in a better way.

Speaking to Faking News from his air-conditioned recording studio he said, “Just like an AC, my job is to filter the bad at the same time make it look good. As the Censor Chief, I promise to convert the beeps into beats. Even if the language is highly objectionable, I will make you dance to my beats. Who knows my song could be next chart topper.”

Regular movie goers, who were besieged with censor cuts, welcomed the move and hoped that beep’s wouldn’t be as agonizing as they earlier were.

Badshah’s skills at turning the ‘bad’ into ‘good’ has caught the attention of the political fraternity as well, with some mulling the possibility of having him in the Parliament  to deal with the ruckus. “Everyone is aware of the Parliament proceedings. I mean the slogan shouting, name calling etc can sometimes get on your nerves. It would have been better if Badshah can add few beats to the slogans and turn it into a peppy number to which we can groove,” said a senior Parliament member.

Sources also say Govt. is planning to erect a makeshift cubicle next to the Speaker complete with turntable and synthesizer to enable him make the Parliament sessions bearable.

With Badshah as the Censor chief, Government hopes to tackle the issue of ‘objectionable content’ and deal with the criticism it has been receiving at the same time.