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Bangalore techie quits job to become yoga teacher, says twisting to girlfriend’s demands helped

16, Oct 2015 By @jurnoleast

Bangalore. Techies quit jobs to launch startups, or go for higher education, or become taxi drivers to make sensible and economic use of time spent in city traffic, but a strange case of techie quitting his job to become a yoga teacher has come to the fore.

Ranjit Raman, a 26-year-old software engineer, quit his job last month to start his own Yoga studio. His yoga classes are special as one doesn’t need to wear traditional loose clothes. He does it all wearing jeans.

Mufti Jeans
A sample yoga pose in Mufti jeans

Ranjit spoke to our reporter on his transformation from a techie to a Yogi and how his girlfriend deserved credit for this unimaginable career change.

“Women inspire people to do different things, so my case is no different,” Ranjit told Faking News, “It all started after I tried searching for the elusive work-life balance when I discovered that switching between a dull software coder and smart young lover was as good as doing anulom-vilom.”

“But that was just the beginning,” he continued, “I was going extra mile to please my girlfriend, and in the process I was twisting and turning more than Baba Ramdev.”

“I remember once she got passionate about makeup and beauty and how I had to dive head first into her passion. Almost like an asana, I had to bend backwards to accommodate her every wish and keep her happy. From testing all her cosmetics on me to getting my eyebrows done, I have been her guinea pig on most occasions. Even at the cost of looking like a cross dresser,” said Ranjit, wiping the sweat off his face that smudged his mascara.

“The constant twisting and turning to adapt to her changing mood, helped me ace a few Yoga poses. If you have ever been in a relationship, you will know how women get mad at you for no reason and all you can do is just wait patiently,” he added and showed us a video that inspired him to meet all the demands of his girlfriend.

It’s been just a few weeks and Ranjith has already tasted success with his new venture. His unconventional approach, like wearing jeans while performing Yoga poses has led to his popularity soaring among the IT crowd of Bangalore. News channels have also aired special reports like ‘Jeans wale baba’ to showcase Ranjit’s transformation.

It is not yet clear if Ranjit’s girlfriend, who had gifted him Mufti jeans last week after which he realized he could become a yogi in jeans as well, is happy with the transformation or she wants even more complex aasans from him.