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Bathroom singer wins talent hunt contest, hopes to get invited for music festival in Madhya Pradesh

20, Jan 2017 By Ad-min

Sonu Singam, a 30 year old banker from Dombivili in Mumbai, has been crowned the winner of a unique singing contest which was held especially for bathroom singers.

Gwalior final

Sonu managed to beat 10 finalists in the grand finale of ‘Bathroom edition of a Singing Contest’ in an intense and nail biting finish.

Speaking to Faking News an ecstatic Sonu said, “I am happy that finally my talent has been recognized. It’s been quite a journey and I thank all those who’ve been with me all along. Special thanks to the bathroom accessories for their support.”

After nailing Indian Idol, young singer is looking to showcase his singing skills at the Tansen Music festival which is held in Gwalior city of Madhya Pradesh. The festival attracts music lovers from across the globe and boasts of some of the legends of classical music as participants.

When questioned about how the idea of participating in a musical festival first came to his mind, the banker turned singer said, “It happened one lazy Saturday afternoon when our apartment was struggling with water cut had not received a drop for more than a week. As usual I was in the bathroom and exercising my vocal chords when the water suddenly came sprinkling out of the shower. Everybody said it was my ‘Megh Malhar’ that restored the water supply. Since then they all call me Tansen of Dombivili.”

“I was convinced that there was something special about me. And had this feeling that being a part of the Tansen Music festival would do justice to my talent,” Sonu said in a tone which clearly indicated that no amount of convincing would change his decision now.

Though Sonu is preparing hard for the festival, with his morning riyaz while bathing, his family is not really sure if participating in the festival is a good idea.

“This boy is out of his mind. He has no clue about classical music. He sounds somewhere between a crow and a donkey when he sings. I am sure he is going to make a fool of himself. Though I don’t mind accompanying him to Gwalior. Heard a lot about the Hilltop Fort and the splendid rock cut statues of Gopachal Parvat. Would be a welcome vacation while the festival is going on and my grandson is busy embarrassing us all,” said Sonu’s grandmother, who seemed more excited the prospect of going to Madhya Pradesh and checking all the tourist places.

Meanwhile, officials at the music festival expressed complete ignorance about the latest Indian Idol’s participation in the event. “We are not aware of any Sonu or Monu at our event. This is a festival for established singers who come to deliver vocal and instrumental performances. How can you expect a bathroom singer to perform on the stage?” said an official with a hint of irritation, pointing out the stupidity of our question.