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Bengaluru techie makes mockery of people blaming the traffic, says he enjoys the traffic

20, Apr 2017 By Ad-min

Bengaluru which has often been described as the Silicon Valley of India never fails to offer us interesting stories. Lot has been said about Bengaluru traffic and its influence on human behavior. But most of it in negative light, seldom do we come across people who transform this adverse situation into a situation of hope and optimism. Ashwin Nair, a Bengaluru techie has done exactly that. He has shown the commuters how to get the best out of traffic and how to make it an interesting part of your life.c4d88021-0614-4717-8796-250f88e86007

Most people in Bengaluru depend on buses, cabs and all sorts of private transport as the metro reach is not yet commendable. People get stuck in traffic day in and day out. Recently we heard story of an employee writing “reached office on time in spite of traffic’ on his CV and got promotion. People have to manage time and leave from home hours early to reach office on time.

Ashwin Nair, faced the ire of the fellow commuters when he was travelling to office in a bus and had a smile on his face. People were angry by the fact that Ashwin had the guts to be happy while others were suffering. People came to him and argued, fought and even listed out umpteen number of reasons why he should feel sad. But nothing bothered our hero, he listened to everything and took all blows like a boxer waiting for his opponents to get tired.

Our Faking News reporter caught up with Ashwin and he had this to say,” I heard the commuters making a mockery of Bengaluru traffic, but the reason for their frustration is not the traffic. In fact the reason is them skipping breakfast, and then staying hungry for a long time. I have the solution for this problem. #MTRbreakfastin3 came to my rescue during the difficult times. It is so easy to make and takes no time to cook, offering different varieties and most importantly it makes even a traffic jam enjoyable!

Ashwin also gave a suggestion that people still not able to have breakfast at home can carry MTR 3 minute breakfast cups with them, and utilize the time in traffic to enjoy a delicious and healthy breakfast like Poha, Upma, Oats and Halwa.

Scientists were trying to crack this formula of making people happy in the morning, and Ashwin has done it, we hope that his candidature is sent for the Nobel Prize for his contribution to mankind!