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Bride’s father keeps a weird clause for marriage, says Nissan Connect a must

20, Sep 2017 By Ad-min


India is home to many arranged marriages where the guy and girl hardly meet and exchange words. Parents play a big part in the decision making and sometimes the clauses kept are way funnier than what our minds can imagine. Gone are the days when the Indian bride’s family was an epitome of coyness, naivety and blind devotion as shown in many Sooraj Barjatya movies. But just like Bollywood stories, parents of the girl child in India are also evolving. And evolving doesn’t mean asking for a car or a bungalow, but asking for things that in future would make life easy for the married couple.

Shugato Malik, a business consultant, who always thought he had the knack of convincing clients and closing the deals faced the irony of his life when his soon-to-be father-in-law kept a weird clause for their marriage. All discussions went pretty smoothly with Shugato answering all questions with great level of conviction as he had spent enough time with all his married friends in learning about tricks of the trade. Shugato had taken many online tests to clear all possible questions and demands posed by his bride’s family. But to his surprise, that was not enough for the girl’s father.

The girl’s family was shocked to hear that Shugato had never used Nissan Connect to enhance his driving experience. It came as a huge surprise to them that being a well-educated and knowledgeable person that Shugato was, the only thing he ever did to have a secure and enhanced driving experience was tying ‘nimbu mirchi’ on the front grill.

Subsequent questions on convenience, control, Safety and social sharing tilted the scenario completely in the favour of the bride’s side. These were terms Shugato had only seen in car manuals or advertising hoardings but never knew about the actual means of achieving them. Being the successful consultant that he is, Shugato relies heavily on data before arriving upon a conclusion. And guess what, he actually got a detailed presentation about each and every feature of Nissan Connect.

The features ranged from easy service bookings to geo fencing to speed alert to trip history to tracking car location and many more. The surprise was not the fact that such features are provided by Indian car makers, but the fact that all features are packed in a well-crafted application. Shugato, highly impressed by the presentation decided that marriage or no marriage, Nissan Connect is a must. In fact taking clue from this amazing story, Nissan Connect should list one more feature in their long list, ‘making marriages happen’.