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CBI raids Anu Malik’s office in Delhi, finds ‘garam chai ki pyaali’

21, Dec 2015 By Ad-min

New Delhi: CBI today raided bollywood singer Anu Malik’s office in connection with the release of his new video, which went viral on social media a few days back.

Our sources in the CBI have revealed that the musician, singer, reality show judge and currently taxi driver as shown in the video, was under the scanner after incriminating evidence was found against him.

Anu Malik singing a few lines of 'garam chai ki pyali' for CBI officials
Anu Malik singing a few lines of ‘garam chai ki pyali’ for CBI officials

“We got a tip-off that Anu Malik was hiding ‘something’ in his office and we decided to investigate. We watched his latest video and it raised our suspicion as to how a successful and well known singer is driving a taxi. Could it be that under the guise of driving a taxi, he is involved in doing something that is not right and hiding something from the authorities,” said a senior CBI official who did not wished to be named.

CBI officials also revealed that post the raid, Anu Malik was asked to be present at the CBI office for further questioning.

Apparently, the singer didn’t oblige and started giving excuses like a seasoned politician saying that the CBI office was located on the 12th floor and the lift was not working so he couldn’t come as climbing 12 floors were too much for him.

Our reporter met Anu Malik to find out if the CBI summons were indeed true.

“Yes it’s true; they asked me why I didn’t come to CBI office. I replied Oonchi hai building, lift teri band hai, kaise mai aau, dil razamand hai,” he said while snapping his fingers and gyrating to the tune.

Meanwhile, the CBI has not officially revealed what exactly they found at the singers office but sources say that they have managed to get packets of Tata Tea Fusion that were used to make the ‘garam chai ki pyali’ , which in the bone chilling winter of Delhi is nothing less than gold.