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Censor Board recommends ban on Mobile phones after movie shows a convict breaking out of jail using phone

02, Apr 2015 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. While reviewing a film titled Mission A7000, starring Hollywood superstar Johnny Deep, Censor Board of India today recommended a ban on usage of mobile phones in India, after being appalled at how the technology was being misused by the lead character Louis Santiago in the film.

The movie reportedly showed the protagonist Louis, a hacker in the film played by Johnny, using a mobile phone to break free from the clutches of Russian Mafia, which had forcefully held him captive to make him work for them. Louis then breaks the jail by turning his phone into a powerful gadget.

Enraged at seeing somebody breaking jail, irrespective of circumstances, Censor Board  immediately suggested the Government of India to ban usage of mobile phones in the country as they were a security threat.

“It doesn’t matter whether you break jail of a Russian Mafia or the one administered by the Indian Police force. Jail is a jail. Imprisonment ought to be respected,” Censor board chief PanKhap Dehlani said, lashing out Louis Santiago for the reprehensible act.

Poster of the film.
Poster of the film.

“He should spend time there for full term awarded by Russian Mafia and then come out to prove his innocence,” Dehlani told makers of Mission A7000, asking them to get the required changes made  so that the film doesn’t hurt anybody’s sentiments.

“We just can’t risk Indian prisoners getting inspired and breaking jails,” he added.

He further asked makers to replace the mobile phone with something else.

“They can give him a pager. Or hell, why even pager? It poses great threat to letters. He should use post office to communicate if at all he wants to,” Dehlani suggested.

Dehlani however rubbished allegations that he was being ultra fussy.

“I could have very well taken objection to the unethical occupation (hacker) of the Louis Santiago but I didn’t. But I promise to give the film U certificate if makers change his objectionable profession to that of something respectable like a Bank PO,” he added, before leaving to ban review next film.